Shoutout: Nathan Finley

I first met my friend Nathan about 3 years ago in connection to the worship team at church. At the time, all I knew about Nathan was that he played a mean set of bongo drums/percussion equipment and was really easy to talk to.

Some time later when we opened up our campus in Flowery Branch, Nathan approached me about playing guitar. He said he didn’t play much but would love the chance to grow. He came in and played his Gibson Les Paul like a champ and we’ve been playing together ever since.

Apart from the great musical talent, Nathan and his wife Kathy are wonderful servants. They lead a small group at church, serve as greeters when they aren’t playing music, and are always there with a smile. If anyone knows music and entertainment, it’s Nathan.

So here’s the shoutout: Thank you Nathan for always showing up eager to dive in and give his best. Thanks for praying earnestly as we prepare and for being teachable. You set an example for our whole team in preparation, investment, and in sincerity of heart.

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