Shoutout: Jason and Amy Owens

Jason Owens is just a great guy. He and his brother Adam (who deserves a shoutout as well) are the those guys that would be first on your list if you had to go to war with men who would have your back. Although I stand taller than both of them, I would not want to be on the wrong side of a fight with either of these Owens’ brothers. Strength is obvious in these men, both physical strength and strength of character.

Jason and his wife Amy attend our church and are a source of great inspiration to me. If you have the time, ask Jason about his story. He’ll tell you about how the decisions he made early in life ended up costing him dearly, wrecking his marriage and bringing him to the end of himself. But keep listening, because the story doesn’t end there. Jason will go on to tell you about how God arrested his attention, brought him back to the truth, and has now blessed him with a wonderful wife and family. This is the redemption of our God. He takes us when we are a mess, totally undeserving of grace, and somehow grants us a life beyond our wildest dreams.

From the stage during worship, I can always pick Jason and Amy out of the congregation. They have an unmistakable passion for God’s presence, and are “all in” all the time. They are always grateful, always encouraging, and they remind me why I love what I do.

Many people see worship leaders as distant and detached on the stage. But nothing can replace the value of getting out among the people and getting to know them. Leaders take note, knowing who you are leading will increase your heart for your people, help them to follow you and trust you, and will be rewarding beyond belief. Knowing Jason and Amy has been a privilege and a joy, I’m thankful to know them!


2 Replies to “Shoutout: Jason and Amy Owens”

  1. Jonathan, I love worship music. God uses it in my life almost constantly. Sometimes I’d feel like I was in a minority at church, because it didn’t seem to effect other people like it does me. Then we came to 12Stone. From the first song, I felt like I was finally home. You lead out of the overflow of your heart, and we follow. Thank you for your sweet words, and for your honest in worship. We love you too.

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