Shoutout: Skipp and Lora Gay

Skipp and Lora Gay have been around for quite some time. I first met this wonderful couple almost two years ago through my good friend Kyle, and I am so glad to have them in my life!

Skipp is a personal trainer, and what impresses me about him is his determination and hard work. Not only does he work hard in music, but in healthy eating, exercise, and every other area from what I can tell. Always pleasant and ready to contribute, I love having him on the team.

Skipp is also very brave. He is one of the rare musicians that can, without the slightest shred of arrogance, step out and take risks to fill in musical gaps in a song. I love this attitude! It makes our team so much more personal when we have people who are willing to put their signature on their stuff. He does all of this while remaining very teachable and open to suggestions, another key ingredient to a great team.

Lora is just as pleasant to be around. I gifted musician and vocalist, she also does art and enjoys studying nutrition. I love to be around Lora because she is always honest when giving feedback, always teachable, and (perhaps most importantly) always smiling.

Skipp and Lora are the kind of people every leader would LOVE to have on their team. Who wouldn’t want a team full of positive, encouraging, and dependable people? I want to thank them for their faithful service, great hearts and attitudes, and their commitments to bring out the best in the worship experiences!

Love you guys!

4 Replies to “Shoutout: Skipp and Lora Gay”

  1. Hi Jonathan – I had the blessing of serving in youth ministry at Zion when Skipp and Lora were high school students and they were yet to be a couple. They were special young people then and even more so now. Love seeing them playing and singing in worship to the Lord at 12 Stone. I could not agree more with your post. – Bernie

  2. I also worked with the youth ministry at Zion when Skipp & Lora were students. It was wonderful to watch God grow them toward Him, then toward each other. I use them frequently as examples of people who made wise choices growing up. Love, love, love them! 🙂
    Amy Owens

  3. Thank you for the kind words!!!! If there is anything good in the way we serve it is because our leaders facilitate an environment of growth, purpose, and encouragement. We are so blessed to be under your leadership!

  4. Oh, yeah, Jonathan……you have some very special people like Skipp and Lora and Jason and Amy and Kyle too that we have blessed to know for years —- yes, really years! It is wonderful having people that went to church with us years ago come and join the group at 12Stone. It makes Mike and I smile to see the wonderful face (Bernie and Sheryl Webb, too) and know that they are enjoying the music and messages that we have loved since 2004. Life is such a cycle of people and love. 12Stone is an exciting worship experience~!! Thank you Jonathon and Jason and PK and all the others!!

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