Shoutout: Jason Berry

I’m not sure how to start… There is so much I could say.

The first thing I remember about Jason is that when I saw him at the central campus he was always walking fast. This was back before I knew him and he was working in the children’s ministry. It seems like he wore a light blue tie and jeans a lot. Maybe that was to impress the kids?

When I actually got to sit and talk with Jason, I discovered that we had a lot in common. We come from similar backgrounds of being raised in the church, we had been leading worship for about the same amount of time and knew many of the same songs from back in the day (“Trading My Sorrows” anyone? Anyone?). Although I couldn’t quite place it at the time, there was an immediate God connection that happened there. Something clicked and I felt like we could communicate well, understand each other, and had a like-mindedness that was rare. God was up to something.

Fast forward several months to announcement of the new campus in Flowery Branch. Jason and Amber were announced as the ones leading the way in that campus and I was very excited to hear that even before I thought about being involved. Jason asked me to pray about leading worship for this campus and it was kind of a no-brainer (but I took some time to pray about it anyway). I was very humbled and excited about this opportunity. The rest is history.

It has been a wonderful journey over the past 2 years, due in great part to Jason’s leadership of the team. Jason is not much older than I am, but his leadership ability and wisdom go way beyond his years. He has the ability to be involved in the small details without getting lost in them; he sees the bigger picture and can keep the vision on track without disconnecting from reality. I’m not sure how he manages both, but he does and he does it extremely well.

One of the things I appreciate most about Jason is that he fights hard to keep the team close and strong. I know that Jason cares for me and the other team members, and is committed to seeing us develop and grow to reach our potential.  I also know that no matter what happens, Jason is in my corner and has my back -what a huge blessing to say that about your boss!

I also love that Jason understands worship. A worship leader himself (and a pretty good one at that), Jason cares deeply about developing the understanding and practice of worship (what we call “worship culture”) in our people. This closeness has helped us dialogue about worship in a way that has challenged me and helped us grow. At the same time, Jason has done a great job releasing and leading from a distance, never once making me feel over-managed or manipulated.

Thanks Jason for working so hard to make our campus what it is. Thanks for following God’s leading, for being obedient and caring about what matters. I have complete confidence in your leadership ability and God’s call on your life. I believe that God has put this team together and has some special things in store for us, and I couldn’t be happier to serve next to you.

Follow Jason on Twitter here.

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