Don’t Take Yourself for Granted

It is incredibly easy to take things for granted. Maybe it’s just part of our human nature. What we don’t have, we want; what we have, we don’t appreciate. It is really important to fight against this deadly form of complacency. Gratitude is a positive emotion that has hundreds of benefits to your life. If you want what you have you will be a much happier person.

This is also true for your own strengths, knowledge and experiences. The things that you have learned because of what you’ve been through (also called your testimony) have tremendous value when it comes to helping others. Sometimes, like many other things in life, we take our experiences for granted and don’t realize the impact we could have on others simply by sharing what we know.

I remember realizing this a few months ago when meeting with a guy who was asking me about worship leading. I started telling him what we do at our church and how I process planning and leading, and he was looking at me with a sense of awe on his face. I had been thinking, “surely this is too obvious to be helpful,” but I was wrong. The stuff that is obvious to me is only obvious because I’ve lived with it for years (some of it I had to learn for years). What’s obvious to you isn’t obvious to everyone, and that’s what makes you really special.

You have expertise in something, and more likely many things. Don’t let all of that good stuff go to waste by stowing it away in the scrapbook of your brain. Let it out, share what you’ve learned. People will relate to it, learn from it, and might even change their life because of it.

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