Shoutout: Kyle Thrasher

I remember very distinctly the day that I first met Kyle. It was three (almost four) years ago when I was helping with the worship in the college ministry and I held an audition for new people to be on the team. There were many people who came and tried out, but only a few really stood above the crowd. Kyle was one of them.

I remember the first thing I thought was “Thrasher. Seriously? What a great name for a drummer (or any musician really).” I was kinda jealous if you really want the truth. But besides having a great name, Kyle showed a high level of skill as a drummer and definitely got the follow-up call asking him to serve with the worship team.

Fast forward a couple of years and Kyle and I had become good friends. He and I had played on teams together a lot and when the time came to open the Flowery Branch campus, I knew that Kyle was one that I wanted to ask to be a core member of our team. So I did, and I’m really glad he said yes.

When I met Kyle he was a great drummer; today, he is a phenomenal drummer. I guess playing all the time will cause you to either sink or swim! Whatever it’s been, Kyle’s skill has grown tremendously since that first night I heard him play. I discovered recently that since the Fall of 2008, Kyle has played over 180 services across the ministries at 12Stone. And that number is probably conservative. He is absolutely dependable, faithful, and a great person to have on the team. Kyle and people like him make me so grateful for what God has given us in our Flowery Branch worship team. God’s kindness is abundant and clear.

I have seen Kyle grow tremendously, not only musically but personally, and I am thrilled to see what God is doing in His life. He introduced me to golf (yes, I owe it all to him!) and continues to be one of my best friends and favorite people to spend time with. I want to thank Kyle for always being prepared, always delivering the good stuff, and for doing it with a smile (if you know Kyle, you know that any time spent with him will likely be spent laughing). Thanks for being faithful and so willing to serve whenever and wherever you’re needed. I know that God has great things in store for you my friend, keep up the great work!

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