3 Qualifications of Great Team Members

There are many qualities that make great team members, but at least 3 essentials that you want to look for: skill, heart, and unity.

Skill: Talent is necessary to succeed on a team. You have to be able to play your instrument, run fast, carry the ball, etc. If you don’t have the basic competence and skill you won’t add value to the team.

Heart: This means you bring something more than skill alone to the table. You have passion for what you do, take ownership and responsibility in it, and go above and beyond what is required.

Unity: You could also say “team spirit” here. This means you care for your team like family. You care about your teammates, what’s going on in their lives, and you want their success just as much as your own. This comes from an understanding of team dynamics: a team is only as strong as its weakest member.

If you’ve ever coached, led, or developed a team, you know that these are what you look for in great team members. All ingredients are important, but it is the specific combination of all of them that make the difference.

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