Shoutout: Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor is a young man who exudes humility and goodness. More than anything he’s a guy who you like to be around because he’s honest, dependable, and kind.

I met Josh somewhere around a year ago, he came to us with a group that joined us after a church plant in the area changed directions. He came to audition for the worship team as a drummer, and I could tell he was nervous. His audition went well and he was really excited to have made the team. I remember him saying how happy he was that his hard work was paying off (Josh is self-taught).

Ever since then Josh is someone that I know I can count on. He’s committed to improving and working hard, and he’s grateful to be a part of the team. I can see Josh growing in skill as a musician and as a leader. He is continuing to bring his ideas and input to the table, and I’m grateful because he has great things to say. I’m thankful to have Josh around, he inspires me to be humble, to keep working hard, and to be grateful for all that God’s given me!

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