Staying Alive

We all know how important it is to do what you love and love what you do. This applies to many if not all areas of life, and is especially important in work. What choose to do for a career is essential to your personal growth and the kind of legacy you leave behind you. Considering you spend over a third of your life at work, it seems very true that it should be something you get energy and passion from doing.

This could mean starting off doing what you love, or learning to love what you do. Maybe you’re on a journey to that dream job and right now you’re just getting by. Whatever the case may be, I think one of the best things you can do for yourself is love your work. Even in the most mundane tasks, investing fully in what you do brings great return.

Now, that being said, once you find that thing that you love you do have to work at keeping your love for that thing alive. It isn’t a once-and-done discovery. Much like in all areas of life there is a natural tendency to take things for granted, or maybe we’re just forgetful. It seems like it’s really easy to forget why you love what you do (probably because even when you love your job it’s still hard). But take a moment and remember. It will be worth it.

There are certain parts of who I am that are directly influenced when I love my job. I love to learn new things and be challenged by information; I love to solve problems and figure out how to make complicated systems work together; I love to transform and grow my own understanding of the stuff I already know by explaining it to other people; I love helping people grow. Sometimes I’ll forget that these things matter so much.  When I forget that these things are essential to my work happiness, I’ll get into a slump of passionless work. That’s not fun for me or anyone else I work with.

So what are those things that invigorate you and boost your passion? Maybe you’ve been too busy or you’ve gotten caught up in all the little details of every day. Take the time and remember what makes you come alive, and give significant energy to those things. Try giving your best energy to the things you think are the most important. Your heart (and your boss) will thank you.



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