Shoutout: Ronnie Stanford

About three years ago I organized an audition for new musicians to be part of the worship team at the college ministry at our church. I walked in the room that evening and the audio tech was already there setting up. His name was Ronnie Stanford. I shook his hand and remember thinking that he was probably just another tech guy that I would have to be really nice to in order to get him to be nice to me (and not be grumpy). I remember he looked tired like he’d already put in a full day’s work before he got here (I’m sure he did).

Fast forward about six months. I had gotten to see Ronnie around the church here and there, but still didn’t know him well. All I knew was that when he ran audio, it sounded really, really good. When the team started to come together for our campus in Flowery Branch, I was thrilled to hear that Ronnie had agreed to come on board as our tech director. Since then we have not only had a great time working in ministry together, but I consider Ronnie to be a good friend and voice of wisdom in my life. What a blessing to have someone like that as a tech director!

If you have in any way benefited from, enjoyed, or appreciated the worship experience at our church, you have Ronnie Stanford to thank for it. He knows audio. Period. He probably knows it better than anyone I’ve ever met. Ronnie not only knows how to mix audio, but he works for the company that installed our system – trust me, he knows how to drive! (The company is Danley Sound Labs – Check them out here)

Ronnie knows how to lead and build a team. He has already raised up and trained an extensive and highly competent audio team, and is continuing to press forward toward greater degrees of excellence. It has been amazing to see the growth in the people who serve on his team. He is incredibly gracious and helpful to myself and the team as we rehearse, prepare, and make adjustments to our worship sets.

Ronnie is passionate about quality sound but only as a means to accomplish the advancement of the gospel in our services. He has a heart for God and genuinely believes that technical engineers are “worship architects,” designers that enhance the worship experience of each person in attendance. I’ve worked with many sound engineers, but I don’t think I’ve ever met one like Ronnie. Ronnie is a leader, producer, developer, theologian, pastor, golfer, singer, physicist (“Physics my friend…) and comedian.
It’s pretty cool having all of that on your team.

I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Ronnie for his patience and faithful service to us for these past two years. He is constantly going above and beyond to make services the best they can be. I have benefited immensely from his input, support, and expertise. The team, our campus, and my life personally would not be the same without you here. Thanks for all you do, love you man!

(If you’ve appreciated Ronnie, leave a comment and give him a shout!)


3 Replies to “Shoutout: Ronnie Stanford”

  1. I consider myself blessed to be one of Ronnie’s Tech guys. Everything Jon said is true. He is an encourager who knows how to push for excellence the right way. He is also patient and has a quick wit.

    Ronnie, you’re the best and I consider it a privilege having worked with you for the last 2 years.

    Tim McKinley

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