Videoblog: Hunger for God – Part 1

Question: Is it true that we need to seek God for more of His gifts, blessings, wisdom, etc., even when He has already promised to give them to us? This is a very important concept and I think our answer will determine the direction of our spiritual lives.

I’m taking some thoughts from the first chapter of A.W. Tozer’s book The Pursuit of God, as well as some thoughts from Exodus 33:12-23. These are great things to read and dive into what it means to seek after God and ask Him for more.

So, without further ado, check out the first installment on hunger for more of God. Please let me know your thoughts, there is more to come!

Make it Personal

You’ve seen those little tea candles you can buy at almost any store anywhere. They come in bags anywhere from twenty to two hundred and they are not very impressive. They don’t last very long, they aren’t that bright, and if you let it burn for longer that five minutes that little tin cup becomes a miniature kettle full of boiling hot wax that’s just waiting to terrorize your fingers and carpets.

If you light one candle, you might not be impressed by the light that it produces. I wouldn’t want to have to rely on one of these little guys if I was stuck in complete darkness. But they aren’t sold individually, and maybe there’s a reason for that. If you light one tea candle it’s sad; but fifty tea candles? Magical.

Recently I’ve been pressing in to prayer with a greater sense of intensity and expectancy. I want to be a man that God can use, and I know He uses men who pray. As I’ve been praying, it has been interesting to see what things God brings to my attention. One of these happened recently and has to do with the need for our prayers to be personal. Continue reading “Make it Personal”

Shoutout: Jeff and Anita Cantrell

If you want to meet some of the kindest, humblest, and most genuine people I know, meet Jeff and Anita Cantrell. Anita plays the piano and sings on our Flowery Branch team, and Jeff is a vocalist and plays a slammin electronic wind instrument (or EWI as we call it). They are a delight to have on the team.

I met Jeff and Anita several months ago, and found out that we had mutual friends and that our families know each other from being involved in various ministries together. Jeff and Anita led worship together at a small church in Clarkesville, GA for over a decade before I met them. It definitely shows. Both have what I like to call “worship intuition,” the ability to tastefully contribute to a worshipful experience while engaging spiritually in the leadership of the moment. This is an incredibly valuable quality in a worship team member, and one can be very difficult to teach. I’m thankful for those people who have practiced the art of worshiping well!

I want to thank Jeff and Anita for always being willing to serve and help, for being so kind and humble, and for bringing the best you have to offer every time. Your creative talent, your worshipful hearts, and your love for Jesus inspire me and make me very thankful for the team I’ve been blessed to lead.

Monday Note: Take a Break

Monday’s aren’t our favorite day. They always seem to come too soon, too early, and too often. They bring with them the challenge and weight of many tasks, and a significant distance from the weekend.

But why do we so arduously strain to arrive at the weekend? The weekend seems to have become this iconic concept of rest and relaxation, promising that all your dreams will come true and work will get done. But when most people have errands, projects, sports, fun, and church all planned for the weekend, how restful are these weekends really? We race and run around frantically to get the most out of our short periods of rest, and we end up tired because of it.

Maybe a change in perspective is required. Maybe we need to stop idolizing the weekend and adopt a new system of rest, one that takes little bursts of rest every day in simple ways. Remember Psalm 62:1, “My soul finds rest in God alone.” Not in Saturday alone, but in God alone. He’s the answer, yet again, to the restlessness within.