Monday Note: Take a Break

Monday’s aren’t our favorite day. They always seem to come too soon, too early, and too often. They bring with them the challenge and weight of many tasks, and a significant distance from the weekend.

But why do we so arduously strain to arrive at the weekend? The weekend seems to have become this iconic concept of rest and relaxation, promising that all your dreams will come true and work will get done. But when most people have errands, projects, sports, fun, and church all planned for the weekend, how restful are these weekends really? We race and run around frantically to get the most out of our short periods of rest, and we end up tired because of it.

Maybe a change in perspective is required. Maybe we need to stop idolizing the weekend and adopt a new system of rest, one that takes little bursts of rest every day in simple ways. Remember Psalm 62:1, “My soul finds rest in God alone.” Not in Saturday alone, but in God alone. He’s the answer, yet again, to the restlessness within.

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