Better Late Than Never

We all have things that we put off, don’t we? Whether it’s that project for school, going to the gym, or doing our dirty laundry, we tend to put things off longer than necessary.

The problem with putting things off is that you start to believe the biggest procrastination lie out there: “I’ve put it off this long, I might as well not do it at all.” This is what kills us.

This has killed me in writing this blog for the past couple of weeks. For that I’m sorry. I have been so excited about recording video posts that I have neglected the blog altogether, thinking that I’d get to it one of these days. Video posts are a lot of fun to do, but they require me to be in the right place (with the right lighting), and are a little more time consuming to execute. Before I know it, so much time has gone by waiting for the right opportunity that the opportunity is gone.

Does that ever happen to you? If you’re like me, you want conditions to be optimal before you set out to do something important. I often tell myself, “I need the atmosphere to be just right, the house to be clean, nothing on my mind distracting me before I really focus in.”  Of course this is our familiar enemy Resistance trying to dissuade us from what matters by drawing our focus to lesser things.

How many times have you had that important project hanging over your head and just decided to vacuum the floor? Makes sense, right? I can’t possibly focus while the floors are dirty!

The truth is we really can focus. I think the trick is to stop and check your motives before taking the bait that Resistance throws at you. Most often it’s best to do what matters first, and then deal with the floor. Don’t buy in to the lie that says if you’ve waited this long it really doesn’t matter. The best way back to where you want to be starts with one little step.

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