Worship Isn’t a Genre

We like to categorize the word worship as a genre of music or as a portion of the church service where we sing songs. But worship is so much more than a genre; it’s a life lived in honor of someone or something.

It’s been said that everyone worships something. Work, fun, money, food, drinking. The list could go on and on. The point is that talk is cheap even in the realm of worship. We evidence what we worship with our lives, not just by what comes out of our mouths.

Want to know what you worship? Worship at its origin actually means worth-ship, or the things that we attach the most value to. It’s very easy to find out what you value: Simply look at your schedule, your bank statement and your thought patterns. We worship the things we spend the most time, money and energy on.

Perry Noble, a pastor, author and fellow blogger, came up with a very brief yet insightful list of what worship is and does that I’d like to share with you. I hope you find it helpful.

#1 – Repentance – Where there is no repentance there may be an emotional experience, but it’s not worship!  Worship does not become worship until it IMPACTS the WAY WE LIVE!

#2 – Intellectual – We’re called to worship the Lord with our minds by renewing it and fixing it on Him. (Colossians 3:1-2)

#3 – Emotional– Worship is overwhelming when we realize how deeply we were entrenched in sin, how helpless we were and how incredible it is that Jesus would rescue us.  (The reality of Romans 5:8 BLOWS ME AWAY!)

#4 – Intentional– No one accidentally follows Christ…if we are going to worship Him, it will be done purposefully!

#5 – Relational – Worship impacts every relationship we have, it is impossible to be a fully devoted worshipper of Christ and be a jerk to your wife or try as often as possible to take advantage of the opposite sex.

#6 – Financial – Until following Christ has impacted our finances in a sacrificial way we are not followers of Christ.  Would you like to see the primary object of your worship…look at your checkbook!

#7 – Unconditional – (and NOT situational!)  Worship is consistent, 24/7, not just when I feel good or God is giving me all that I want.  If we worship only when things are good, we do not worship God…we worship a genie!

May your worship be all of these things and more. I believe with all my heart that we were created to worship and that when we do, we live the most fulfilled, peaceful, abundant and happy life possible. Be blessed!

2 Replies to “Worship Isn’t a Genre”

  1. Jonathan – this is your best thinking yet – nevermind what Perry Noble says – you are more clear and profound. This is right out of Trea Dias, ” want to know what you really value? Look where your time goes, where your money goes, where your mind goes because you think noone is watching.” But someone is watching. Self saw it all.

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