Do You Believe?

Do you remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? I love that movie. The classic sequence in the movie is when Indy has to go inside the secret temple carved in the rock (in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon if you must know) to retrieve the holy grail to save his father’s life.

If you know the movie you remember the scene when Indiana Jones has to take a “leap of faith” out across a chasm that seems impossible to cross. He closes his eyes and steps off, only to find that there is a narrow path that stretches across the chasm but is invisible to the eye. He found it only by stepping out and taking a risk.

Indiana Jones' leap of faith. (Image Copyright Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Every once in a while it’s good to ask yourself if you really believe what you say you believe. You can read the words, say them back to yourself, but you will eventually have to prove your beliefs, either to yourself or to other. Remember that what you believe is what you do, not what you tell yourself you agree with.

I was reminded of this recently when I was in my prayer/devotional time. I tell myself that I believe the promises of God, but if I stop and take a minute to think through it, do I really? Do I believe that God will take care of me no matte what? Do I believe he is my provider, or do I believe that it’s up to me to make ends meet? Do I believe that if I humble myself he will lift me up in his timing? Or do I believe it is hopeless and I’ll never get out of the slump I am in? Do I really believe that Jesus is enough for me, or do I need Jesus and a generally healthy, safe, comfortable life?

Just take a minute and think of all the things you believe. If you need to, make a list of the things you believe and then another list of the things you practice. Try to think objectively. Chances are the list of beliefs and the list of your actions/habits will have some variation to them. I’ve heard it said that the goal of life is to narrow the gap between the two lists until they are one and the same. Simple to say, but hard to do.

It may take a lifetime, but I want to live a life where I believe the truth, not just in word but in action also. Start today!


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