God’s Favorite Moment

On this the eve of Christmas eve, I want to wish you all the happiness your heart may enjoy. I can’t help but ponder a few things as I end the day:

Working hard is a wonderful skill and it is certainly true that all good leaders know how to push themselves forward and “move the ball down the field” and accomplish goals. But there is equally great skill in learning to pull back, to stop and sit in the moment and take it all in. Work hard, rest well and great joy will surely be yours.

God exists outside of time and is the same yesterday, today and forever. Since the past is behind us and we have no guarantee of the future, the only thing we have for certain is now. I have heard it said that God’s favorite moment is now. If that’s true, you might want to consider making it your favorite too.

So try to keep this in mind as you celebrate the holiday (I say this to myself as much as I do to you): Try not to think about all the crazy stuff that happened this year. Try not to think about all the stuff you’ll have to do when you head back to work. Try not to get too distracted making goals for 2012 (even though those are really important). Try living in the moment and making the most of what you have. The secret to happiness isn’t having more of what you want, it is wanting what you have.

Merry Christmas.


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