What motivates your response to people?

When you are responsible to lead people, to get something done, or to produce an outcome, how do you respond to that outcome? Your response reveals what truly motivates you.

I lead people in teams to lead worship, I work to develop people under me and help them grow, and I work to develop people outside my own area of leadership. As you may have experienced, the span of people’s response to me can be really wide. I have learned that how I respond to both positive and negative results is one of the greatest ways to reveal my heart.

If I lead people and I grow frustrated when they don’t respond, I have to ask myself where my anger and frustration is coming from. Does my anger stem from a jealousy for God a pure desire to see him glorified? Or is it more about me seeing a reward for my effort to validate me? The (honest) answer reveals much about me.

Conversely, the way I respond to positive results also deserves the same questions. When I win, how do I respond? Do I pat myself on the back and think “that’s right, I put in the time and prayed and here’s what happens”? Or am I full of humble gratitude for what God has done? I don’t know much, but I can see from experience and from reading the bible that the most dangerous times in a person’s life are the times after a win. How I respond to a win says much about me.

So just a reminder for today: Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the questions about how you respond to the situations in your life. If you allow your responses to go unchecked, it can cause rampant growth of bitterness and entitlement in your heart that will cost you greatly down the road. Let’s do the work to have pure motives that come from a heart to serve God and love people.

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