Change Is Always Hard

How do you fold towels? You may not spend much time thinking about the answer to that question, but it is true that people fold their towels differently. If you are married, you know this.

When I got married and started the daily tasks of keeping up the house with my wife, we had a small discrepancy in how to fold the towels. Now it never turned into a big argument or anything, but I was used to folding the towels once long ways, and again short ways, and again long ways so the towel becomes a square about one fourth its original size. My wife prefers the fold that goes once long ways, once short ways, and then the towel is rolled up to a little tube shape and goes on the shelf that way. I didn’t really see that it made any difference, but I of course did what any married man would do and said “Yes dear.” It took me a while before the new folding method became natural to me, and at first I hated it. I wanted the old way of folding back! But eventually I became a pretty good “roll-folder” and moved on with life.

Now it’s a bit of a silly illustration, but the point is that change is hard no matter where it comes. Have you ever decided to change something about yourself and found that it makes everything in that area harder? I guess that’s why we hate change so much.

I think the thing to remember about change is that it is always the hardest at the beginning, so don’t make too many judgements right off the bat. Picture this, you’re slowly sliding down the side of a steep, muddy mountain. You only have two choices, you can dig in and stop the slide and start climbing, or you can keep sliding deeper into the valley. Stopping the slide is hard, and turning around and battling the effects of your circumstances (including gravity) will require a great deal of effort. But you have no choice if you want to get to the top.

There is some good news: Once you resolve to make the change and build up the tenacity that refuses to quit, you may just find that the climb isn’t as bad as you thought. Your mind makes the mountain bigger than it is. The only thing that will keep you from making changes is the belief that change is impossible. Step out and prove yourself wrong!

One Reply to “Change Is Always Hard”

  1. So very true on many levels…I spent many years in retail, and i have a certain way to fold towels…i call it..the right way. šŸ™‚ Alisha has other ways…at first it was a bone of contention, then after 22 years,its a point of laughter for us both…but I’m still right. Change is hard to take, but in the modern world, change hits us daily from many different directions and its easy to try to dodge it, duck it or ignore it, but eventually it takes us over. As cliche as it sounds, we need to learn to embrace the change when needed. Just ask K-Mart, Zayre or TG&Y about change and the importance of rolling with it……

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