Lifting Weights and Writing Songs

Have you ever missed a workout? Or two? Or two years worth of workouts?
I think we have all been there, when routines fall off the band wagon and simply get left behind. The interesting thing about dropping your exercise routine is that your energy level goes down and your stress level goes up, both of which impede your desire to get up and go the the gym.

It’s the same with creative expression, things like writing songs, poems, journaling, or really anything that is just good for the soul. We have a tendency to forget (or just disbelieve) the benefit of the activities that prove to be oxygen to our very heart and soul.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, and if you couldn’t tell from the introduction, I guess I simply dropped off the bandwagon and kept on moving. Well, I’d like to get back on, regardless of whether it’s fast or slow and sure. I think the most important thing about falling off the bandwagon is simply getting back on, even for the hundredth time.

So while I write this for my own benefit, maybe you need to be reminded today to stop the busyness of your life and do that thing that brings you joy. Don’t write it off, don’t assume it won’t be helpful, just do it. Stop and think, go for a walk, pick up the book again, write something. You may be surprised at how much good it actually does for you. Success is defined not by never failing, but by what you do when you fail. “If at first you don’t succeed…”


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