LEAD is a Verb

Floss your teeth. Take a little string and run it in between your bicuspids to keep them clean. It’s so simple, and yet so difficult. Isn’t it funny how the most important things are hardest to do? Compliment your wife. Exercise thirty minutes a day. Read more. Simple sometimes seems impossible.

I can’t seem to get flossing down consistently. My flossing stints usually last about a week (hey, I’m trying to get better!). I don’t ever leave the brushing ritual behind (and hopefully I’m not killing people with my breath!), but every time I try to add another, albeit simple, task to that routine, it feels like trying to lift a boulder.

I, like many of you, want to be a good leader who faithfully stewards what God has given to me, but so often I find myself falling short. I seem to be too much intention and not enough action. Sadly we often judge ourselves on our intentions and others on their actions. I wonder what would happen if we could really see ourselves as others see us, by what we do instead of what we intend to do. As I’ve reflected on leadership, it just keeps coming to my mind in this simple phrase: Leadership is taking action.

Lead is a verb. No, not the heavy metal used to make bullets, I’m talking about leadership. So often the difference between great leadership and a lack thereof can be summed up in one word: action. Leaders take action.

I’ve resolved to learn this principle in my own life, taking baby steps along the way to try and get there. In what ways can I take action and help something make the journey from ideation to completion without falling off into oblivion along the way? I think it starts with picking up the floss and starting. One tooth at a time, one day at a time. I don’t have to floss every day of my life right now. I just have to floss this day. Action starts now, and it’s never too early or too late to start leading. Where can you start?

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