Seeing Through Another’s Eyes

As much as I like to secretly laugh at the somewhat dramatic Dove “True Beaty” commercial (apparently I’m not the only one, judging by the number of parodies out there), there is admittedly truth to the thought that we often don’t see ourselves as others do. We see ourselves through a lens of negativity that impacts every area of our life.

One of my favorite singer-songwriters David Wilcox wrote a song that I love called “Burgundy Heart-Shaped Medallion:”

If I had a spell of magic,

I would make this enchantment for you:

A burgundy heart-shaped medallion,

with a window that you could look through.

So that when all the mirrors are angry,

at your faults and all you must do,

you just peek through that heart-shaped medallion,

and see “you” from my point of view.

Isn’t that a great thought? We have the power to help shape someone’s perspective of themselves, all with the power of our words. It’s great to know that others see more good in you than bad, because we know ourselves better than anyone else, and see all the ugly things that we often hide.

Of course, we have no control over hearing these things from our friends (unless we go fishing for compliments all the time, which ironically will help you lose friends), but we can control being a friend and giving the people we care about a new perspective of themselves. Today, make it your goal to help someone see that they matter.