A New Kind of Love

Love is a subject given to much speculation and debate. It is an elusive beast that will defy the efforts of the most ingenious poets and artists in the world to classify and explain.

And yet love is a simple thing, something that is better experienced than analyzed. The power of love goes beyond intellect and pierces into the depths of our very soul.
My understanding of love has received a recent overhaul with the birth of my first child.
As everyone says, it changes everything.

Even though she is just two weeks old, the moment she was born I knew something had changed forever. The emotions that awoke within my that morning failed to find a place inside my previously established classifications for love. It was something different entirely than I had ever known, and I have been trying to grasp at an explanation ever since.

Every other loving relationship in my life up to that time was forged in the furnace of time, made up of countless past moments and memories that added up to the current state that we called love. Aside from my immediate family, the only way I arrived at love in a relationship was through time and choice. Even with my wife, the person I love the most in the world, there was a time when I saw her that I didn’t know her and certainly didn’t love her as deeply as I do now. But when I saw my daughter and held her in my arms, it was instant love of a totally different kind. It was love at first sight in the absolutest sense of the phrase. Never before have I instantly felt such extreme devotion to someone, paired with an unparalleled willingness to sacrifice anything for their sake. This must be real love.

This kind of love does so much to help me understand the love of God, because his love for the world was (and is) unconditional. It has nothing to do with what we do for him, but he loves us deeply because we belong to him. I never really knew what that meant until fifteen days ago.

I hope that you will have the chance to experience the joy of loving someone more than anything else in a split second of time. It’s one of God’s greatest gifts.

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