Have you stopped to consider the power of a page? The page is full of possibility, beckoning us to work out our life, a story, a song or a plan. Often intimidating, the blank page is an invitation to change.
Whether made of paper, a digital display, a scrap of napkin or the first blank spot inside a book cover, we lay ourselves out on pages and something happens. We etch the things we learn on blank space and the shapes and lines shape us.
Sometimes I spend an hour or two in front of pages and walk away a different person, like I have learned something about myself that I almost knew but never could have if the page hadn’t helped me.
I read a quote recently in a book by John C. Maxwell:
“Experience isn’t the best teacher; evaluated experience is.”
As we draw near the end the calendar year, find a spot amid the binge-watching re-runs of “Friends” and driving your RC cars around the house and do some reflecting. Find a comfy seat and remember all the gifts you have received, not just the ones you unwrap on Christmas. Think about how you might have open eyes to see the gifts in the coming year. Ask God to help. Find a page and say “yes” to the invitation. Adventure is waiting.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
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